Hydraulic Tapping Machine

Ravisons Corporation

Ravison’s Corporation manufacturing Hydraulic Tapping Machine. Hydraulic machines are typically designed with 'T' slotted work table on which tapping object is easily clamped and tapping operation performed. The machine has a reverse forward switch at the motor grip area for convenience of operation.Hydraulic power pack is housed inside the cabinet of work table. All control switches and indicators are conveniently mounted for the ease of use of the operator.

TapEasy is available in following models, Hydraulic operated Machine:

  • Model HV30 Capacity M10 to M32
  • Model HV48 Capacity M10 to M48

Table top is the `T’ slotted C.I. Table for easy & faster clamping of the object. It has coolant collection and drain passage.

Articulated pantograph type arm with the linear guide way is provided to the machine to facilitate different tapped holes at perfect perpendicular level. The arm is supported by the gas spring to compensate gravitational force of the tapping head. The arm can cover very wide working area and height and perform consistent accurate tapping every corner of it. It’s unique flexibility helps operator to perform tapping operations fatigueless and without much operating skills.

It consists of best quality hydraulic motor with quick change chuck. Direction control switches are mounted close to the motor.

Best quality hydraulics with independent power pack and accessibility makes this machine easily serviceable. The machine is provided with Flow control & Pressure valves for quick and easy setting of the speed for different taps sizes or materials.

The machine can be provided with in-built coolant system which consists of a coolant pump and piping for draining off and re-cycling of the coolant.

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  • Horizontal Tapping Machine in heavy and medium size components.
  • Re-tapping
  • Chamfering
  • Reaming
  • For inserting helicoils
  • Counter sinking etc
  • Model – TapEasy HV-30
    Capacity : Up to M32 (Steel), Up to M36 (Aluminium)
  • Model – TapEasy HV-48
    Capacity : Up to M48 (Steel), Up to M52 (Aluminium)

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