Super Finishing Machine

Super Finishing Machine

Grind Master Machines Private Limited

Grind Master Machines Pvt Ltd offers the NanoFinish range of Super Finishing Machines for micro finishing and super finishing of automotive powertrain parts is trusted by leading OEMs globally. Model SMP500E_SC is a revolution in processing of automotive transmission parts, built to achieve both size and finish in one process – with size control. Achieving stock removals of up to 20 microns, the machine guarantees output size within ±5 microns, at the same time achieving fine finish values of Ra 0.1. Combined with hard turning technology available in the market, Nano Finish with size control eliminates the need for expensive and maintenance prone grinding operations. This breakthrough technology was launched by Grind Master at EMO Milano in 2015. Nano Finish super finishing machines are recognised as reliable solutions for finishing of automotive transmission shafts, steering parts and pump parts, turbo charger shafts. Equipped with proprietary Nano Finish CNC control system that provides the simple and user-friendly screen for easy and quick set up change and therefore the machines are very flexible and suitable to handle a range of parts. The various super finishing parameters can be easily set on the screen of this system thereby achieving the finishing results at optimum cost.

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