Twist Drills

Twist Drills

All Cut Sales

All Cut Sales offers Twist Drills, Allcut 19. Allcut Twist drilling, the creation of holes in metal with a drill bit, is probably the most recognized method of hole making, with only two cutting edges, twist drills require time, power and slower feed rates and the complete area of the hole is removed and turned into chips. Fast, accurate hole cutting on the job site or in the shop! Designed for continuous operation, Allcut’s magnetic drills are ideal for drilling structural steel and virtually many metals. We offer the most compact and powerful series of handy magnetic drills for holes up to 100 mm diameter. Allcut drills are heavy-duty for use in construction and industry. Allcut Magnetic Drill products are well accepted worldwide as Reliable, Durable, Technologically advanced and Quality products. All Magnetic Drill products have been carefully designed to guarantee enhanced power and versatility. Since the tool can be taken to the job and fixed in any position-vertical, horizontal, upside down, material handling & tool setting-up time & cost there up on are saved. Hole cutters Depth indicator facilitates correct depth setting of holes and improves productivity because there is no need for examining frequently whether the hole depth is achieved or not.

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  • Used with : Twist Drill
  • Capacity : 19 mm
  • Depth of Drill : 150 mm
  • Speed : 1 Speed
  • RPM : 500
  • Motor Watt: 1050 W
  • Spindle : MT-2
  • Magnet Force: 1000 KG
  • Equipped with Latest Technology
  • Compact Size, Easy to Carry on Site
  • Nationwide Sales Network
  • Twist Drilling, ideal for hole upto 38mm Diameter.
  • Twist Drills are ideal for blind holes in application where the hole does not need to go completely through the material.

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