Blasting Machine

Blasting Machine

Surface International

Surface International offers a mobile closed circuit Blasting Machine, Model MCB-X. The blasting is accomplished manually by holding the gun against the work surface, which is fairly straight. The equipment being closed circuit, the spend abrasive is sucked due to vacuum created and cycled into pressure generator after passing through the reclaimer unit. Thus, the used abrasive and dust created is contained within the equipment keeping the blasting operator dust free. Technical specifications: complete equipment/unit of mobile closed circuit blasting machine with all accessories, all subassemblies accommodated in two frameworks provided with lifting lugs. The machine is suitable for blasting with chilled from grit G-02 to G-39 of BS-2451 and aluminium oxide 14/24 – 60/80. The machine is capable for reclamation (with vacuum pump of 15 HP) from 22.8 mtr distance maximum. Single gun is provided with supersonic tungsten carbide for non-ferrous abrasive. Proper sieving arrangement with heavy-duty moisture separator to arrest line condensation fro compressed air entering into the equipment to keep abrasive dry and blast surfaces uncontaminated to the extent possible. The air consumption of nozzle depends on size of nozzle used and pressure during machine operation.

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