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United Electricals offers a wide range of Blasting Machines.The exploder is put on a solid base and the generator handle is rotated for charging and circuit continuity testing.Firing switch is pressed to explode when charging meter pointer is on the red scale and the continuity tester indicator is glowing.Keep exploder in dry place.

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  • Connect shot firing cable to the exploder output terminals. Insert handle into the generator flange and rotate. If the detonator circuit has proper continuity, the continuity test indicator will glow. If it  does not glow remove handle and check detonator circuits.
  • Press firing switch to explode when the pointer of the charging meter goes to the red scale.
  • If the firing has to be cancelled remove handle from the generator flange, and the condenser of the exploder will discharge internally.
  • Powerblast exploder has inbuilt circuit continuity tester.
  • Powerblast exploder is provided with charging meter to indicate the charge developed when the generator handle is rotated.
  • Powerblast exploder gets internally discharged when the generator handle is removed from the flange.
  • Powerblast exploder qill discharge internally if the firing is to be cancelled by turning the operating key to the 'OFF' position.
  • Powerblast exploder is very compact and has high impact plastic moulded body.

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