Grinding Wheels

Grinding Wheels

Super Abrasives

Super Abrasives Private Limited offers Grinding Wheels. The art of producing high quality abrasives products consists in finding out the correct composition of raw materials, combined with correct production procedure for every individual applications. The raw materials used are Aluminum Oxide (brown, pink, white & SA ) and Silicon Carbide ( black & green ).The most important part of the grinding wheel is the vitrified bond which joins the grains. They use various types of bonds specially developed for each operation of grinding and manufacture wheels upto 500mm in diameter for centerless grinding ,surface grinding and cylindrical grinding. They have also developed special cool cutting bonds for use on work pieces like drills, milling cutters ,saws, gears, thread grinding etc, where cutting quality & low heat generation are specially important. Special fine grit wheels for fine polishing on various materials before buffing ,have been developed by us . The Product range of these wheels are in grits 320 to 1200 as per FEPA standards. Range comprise of wheels for: Rough grinding, Precision grinding, Cutting of metal, Cutting of ceramic, Cutting of glass, Cutting of any other ferrous or non ferrous materials.

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