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Industrial Product Finder (IPF) is a pioneer and leading B2B monthly publication that facilitates all industrial equipment sourcing needs and has been serving India’s manufacturing growth for over 46 years. Fondly referred to as the Bible of Manufacturing Sector in India, IPF has been the go-to source for over 8,000 procurement teams from leading companies across India. The monthly magazine is an important media link in the purchase cycle and companies both big and small rely heavily on IPF for information pertaining to new products.

Industrial Product Finder (IPF) has over 18000 monthly subscribers with additional 3000 promotional copies circulated in various manufacturing industries every month. The readers include Owner/Entrepreneurs/ CEOs, Purchase/Procurement Heads in manufacturing sector, Researchers & Scientists and Technical Heads of various institutions. IPF subscribers are spread across country including 27% from West, 23% from North, 19% from South, 18% from East and 13% from Central India.

IPF is widely subscribed by and circulated to manufacturing sectors including Automobile, FMCG, Print & Packaging, Power & Energy, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Mining & Steel, Telecommunications and General Engineering Industries. The magazine reaches out to various government institutions for their sourcing requirements including Defense, Railways, Science & Technology, and Research & Development.

IPF is a one-stop-solution for all engineering and manufacturing segments for the sourcing requirements of all machinery, equipment, instruments, tools and allied products that help in making of quality products. IPF firmly believes and supports the manufacturing growth in India to further the government’s “Make in India” campaign.

Our Publications

Industrial Products Finder

Industrial Products Finder was visualised and conceived as an industrial new-products-news monthly by R. V. Pandit, and was launched as such in October 1972. Right from the first issue, more than 46 years ago, the magazine contained unique features. It showcased exactly what the name of the magazine proclaimed: Industrial Products Finder. It carries only advertisements on industrial products, which is awaited news in industry circles.

The magazine, being industry-centric in nature, is made available only through prepaid annual subscriptions to businesses, industries and technical/managerial personnel, so as to avoid wastage. All of the above continues to be so even today.

The annual publication of Industrial Products Finder - comes with more than 1000 industrial product profiles and almost an equal number of paid advertisements. IPF Annual is widely used as a reference manual by the industry, having a longer shelf-life than any other industrial magazine of its kind.

The Indian Textile Journal

The Indian Textile Journal (ITJ), India's oldest textile publication, is a 129 year-old monthly magazine. Each issue of ITJ provides insight into technologies and market developments as it happens in the textile industry in India , Asia and Europe . The ITJ, over the years, has expanded its coverage to include trade and commercial information, new products & processes, technological breakthroughs, corporate profiles and trade fair information. It is making forays into new fields like technical textiles, nonwovens, etc and provides information for the improvement of the textile industry.

Visit the website for more information.

Automotive Products Finder

Automotive Products Finder (APF), is the latest offering from IPFonline Limited. It is a monthly focused on the needs of the growing automotive components sector. The Indian automobile and auto components sector is experiencing a growth period, with the export market opening up like never before. APF, on the one hand, makes available factual content relating to the automobile sector at the very finger tips of its readers, and on the other, provides information on suppliers/manufacturers of auto components and products. This focus has ensured the monthly a solid foundation with a growing readership. In short, APF offers a window to auto enthusiasts and an avenue to advertisers to tap into this potential sector that is poised for a major leap.

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IPFonline.com is a portal for business visitors to interact, participate, and buy/sell industrial products. The portal is a veritable storehouse of information on industrial products/services, providing the desired information in a few clicks.

The portal provides users with several platforms which can be used by the industry/business visitors to view profiles of industrial products in a more effective manner. It also enables Manufactures/Suppliers of industrial products to make use of the marketing tools to exhibit their products/services in a more effective manner. Please browse features such as - Prime Industrial Products, Industrial Product Profiles, Trade Fairs and IPF Ads for more information.

Over the years, the portal has grown in viewership ratings and site ranking (View Web Trends & Alexa Ranking) and continues to serve the industry, small and large. Many small and tiny businesses survived, thrived and grew to be bigger because IPF and its portal publicised their industrial products. The portal enabled these small and tiny businesses to receive enquiries/orders for their product/s, and the rest is part of the history of industrializing India.

Some of these marketing services provided by this portal are free and some others come at a minimal cost with an emphasis on maximizing your business presence and potential. If you are interested to weave your way on the web, we invite you to register with us so as to avail our free services.

ASAPP Media acquires Chennai-based IPF Online

December 4, 2013 | Team TC

Mumbai-based ASAPP Media Information Group, a B2B media & information group, has acquired 100 per cent stake in Chennai-based IPF Online Ltd. The deal involves acquisition of stake held by IPF Online's founder and publisher RV Pandit besides equity investors IL&FS Group and HDFC. The deal involves acquisition of entire print and online business of IPF Online.


Deal Alert: ASAPP Media acquires B2B magazine IPF Online

Mumbai-based ASAPP Media Information Group, a B2B media & information group, has acquired the entire shareholding of IPFOnline Limited and along with it the entire print and online business of the company. The deal involves acquisition of the stake held by IPF Online's founder and publisher RV Pandit besides equity investors IL&FS Investment Management (IIML) and HDFC.

Indus Advisors acted as the financial advisor to the sellers while BDO India acted as the financial advisor to the buyer.


Il & Fs Investment Managers

IPFonline Ltd.
ASAPP Media Information Group acquired IPFOnline Ltd from RV Pandit, IL&FS Investment Managers Limited (BSE:511208) and Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (BSE:500010) on December 4, 2013. Indus Advisors acted as the financial advisor to the shareholders of IPF Online and BDO India LLP acted as the financial advisor to ASAPP Media.

IVC's price was unchanged after the transaction was announced on 12/4/13.

Investor / Buyer
ASAPP Media Pvt Ltd.
Creditor / Lender
Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited
IL&FS Investment Managers Limited

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