Constant Voltage Transformer

Constant Voltage Transformer

Bluebird Power Controls Private Limited

Bluebird Power Controls Pvt Ltd offers Constant Voltage Transformer. Optimum performance of sophisticated electronic equipment is highly dependent on the stability of the mains voltage. The continuously fluctuating mains supply, transients, spikes & surges produce harmful effects.

The CVTs are preferred over voltage Stabilizer as the Stabilizer have relays that are when switched cause the output voltage to be interrupted for a short time. This type of interruption or transient many not be good for computers. In comparison to voltage Stabilizer, the CVTs ensure a clean, spike-free and controlled output voltage. Bluebird constant voltage transformer gives an effective solutions to all these problems. Constant voltage Transformer are based on Ferro-Resonance Principle & it consists of two basic components i.e. Ferro-Resonant transformer and capacitor. Bluebird constant voltage Transformer are ideally suitable for computers & like systems Data processing equipment, Bio - Medical equipment, Telecommunication equipment, Telex, EPABX, Electronic Typewriter, Fax Machines and any other sophisticated electronic equipment which requires a precise mains supply.


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  • Input Voltage : 180-260, at rated load
  • Output Voltage : 220/230V+/-1%
  • Frequency : 50Hz+/-1%
  • Response Time : 30 milliseconds
  • Efficiency : 90% (app) under full load condition
  • Output wave form : Sinusoidal
  • Wave form distortion : less than 4% under full load condition.
  • Load Power Factor : 0.75% lag to 0.9% lead
  • Ambient Temp. : -5o to 50o c
  • Effect of line frequency : 1.5% (app) change in output voltage for every 1% change in line frequency
  • High reliability as no semi conductors/moving parts used.
  • Provide relatively sine wave output irrespective of quality of input wave shape.
  • Instantaneous voltage regulation.
  • Output highly isolated from mains for suppression of transients & spikes.
  • Short-term over LOAD capacity.
  • Intrinsic current limiting & short circuit protection.
  • Higher input voltage control range for LOADS less than rated load.

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