2 Volt Cells

2 Volt Cells

UPT Batteries Private Limited

UPT Batteries Private Limited offers 2 Volt Cells. Universal battery cells belong to the most enduring lead acid batteries. They are suitable for stand-by operations as well as for capacitive loads. They perfectly meet requirements for bridging times between 1h and more than 10h. These cells are manufactured to the IS 1651:1993. 

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  • Positive plates: Pressure die-casted with very low antimony lead alloy
  • Negative plates: Gravity casted with low antimony
  • Separators: PE material
  • Containers: Hard Rubber3
  • Terminals: Made of lead alloy with specially designed
  • Vent plugs: Plugs equipped with flame arrestors
  • Connectors: copper connectors

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