Electrolysis Rectifier

Electrolysis Rectifier

Power Engineers Company

Power Engineers Company offers Electrolysis Rectifier. DC Rectifiers for Electrochemical Plants like Potassium & Sodium Chlorate, Soda-ash, Caustic chlorine Production, Copper, Aluminium, Zinc refining all require modest voltage and high DC current. DC Rectifier is also required in other industrial process like hydrogenation, electrolysis, chlorination. Such continuous process industries look for a reliable, economical and trouble free form of DC power supply system. 

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  • Input Voltage: 380 - 440 Volts, 3- Phase 50 Hz. AC supply or any other voltage
  • Output Voltage: Fixed Rated maximum DC voltage or variable from zero to maximum rated voltage
  • Output Current: Rated maximum DC current
  • Temperature Rise: Less than 45° C above ambient at the top of the oil
  • Efficiency: Depends on voltage current rating of rectifier
  • Ripple Content: Less than 5%
  • Designed for 100% Continuous Duty Cycle 
  • Compact Design for Space Saving 
  • Lesser Power Consumption 
  • Negligible Maintenance


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