Automotive Batteries

Automotive Batteries

Altech Batteries

Altech Batteries offers Automotive Batteries.  They, Altech Batteries, manufacture Automotive batteries with quality lead plates that are highly durable. They manufacture lead plates ranging from 7 plates to 25 plates. They are rechargeable type of battery that highly supplies electrical energy to your vehicle in operating efficetively. It is specially designed for the vehicles in performing actions like start motor, light and igniting the engine. Altech offers an extensive range of automotive batteries for light truck vehicles like car, bus, jeep, lorry and so on with better performance. We do not compromise with our products quality while enhancing the battery life. The automotive batteries are recyclable to avoid the risk of improper battery disposal. Irrespective of your car type and size, we offer you the battery where you can pick effortlessly. They provide the automotive batteries with 18 months of extended warranty period. In addition to this, they also manufacture MC batteries that are used widely in motorcycles.

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