Rust Converter 177

Rust Converter 177

Krystal Surface Solution

Krystal Surface Solution offers a single component solution which on application converts the rust into a protective coating and prevents steel from further rusting for a reasonable period of time. Rust Converter 177 which is used for steel to increase the paint life reacts with all the layers and forms a complex organo-metallic surface having bluish-black colour. It stops the migration of ions, preventing the electro chemical corrosion process and hence prolonging the life of paint system which result in considerable savings. While sand/shot blasting removes rust on surface but requires immediate application of primer/paint to prevent fresh rusting of highly active sand/shot blasted surface, Rust Converter 177 does not require immediate application of primer/point on steel surface, as all rust is converted to form a protective film. Using this on corroded MS surface is simple: first the loose rust scales have to be removed by mechanical means like wire brushing, chipping, etc; it has to be ensured that the surface to be treated is free from oil, grease, paint coat, etc; and then Rust Converter 177 has to be applied properly with brush, spray or by dipping.

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  • Overhead water tanks
  • Heavy structural steel tankers (road and sea)
  • Drilling rig
  • Chemical process equipment and storage tanks
  • Tube and pipe stock
  • Conveyors
  • Cranes
  • Bridges
  • Pipelines
  • Concrete reinforcements
  • Automobile dickeys, etc

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