Oil Circulatory System

Oil Circulatory System

Cenlub Industries Limited

Cenlub Industries offers an oil circulatory system (OCS)/lube oil system (LOS). In this type of system, oil is continuously supplied to various moving parts and bearings.

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  • The oil not only acts as a lubricant, but also as a coolant by consuming the heat generated in the bearings/moving parts; the oil after lubrication is returned to the reservoir; these systems are large, employing reservoirs of capacities ranging from a few hundreds of litres to thousands of litres
  • The pumps are heavy-duty, intended for continuous running, with flow rate ranging from few tens of LPM to few thousands of LPM; these systems are widely used for plants like cement, sugar, paper, power generation, steel as well as for heavy-duty machinery; generally, there are a number of points to be lubricated in any of the above mentioned plants
  • These lubrication points being various gear boxers, bearings, gears, etc.; depending upon the density of these points in a particular area, a common OCS is taken which feeds all these points; the return lines from each of these points are fed back to the reservoir of OCS; the OCS is generally placed in a basement and returning oil runs under the force of gravity by itself
  • All return lines have a slant towards the OCS so that returning oil doesn’t give any back pressure to the oil in the delivery lines; depending on the complexity of the system and the fund availability, the pressure and flow in each line can be governed through a set of control valves; the oil circulatory system comprises of: oil reservoir; pumps; heat exchangers; filters; motors; electrical control panel; valves; control valves; pressure relief valve; centrifuge; instruments; accumulators; and piping and fitting.

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