Dual Line Grease Lubrication System

Dual Line Grease Lubrication System

Cenlub Industries Limited

Cenlub Industries offers a Dual Line Grease Lubrication System, in two types: Loop type and End type.

Loop type:
In this system lubrication line starts from the pump and ends at the pump covering all the points in the loop form. At the end pressure building is sensed by special valve and the line changes from I to II. Normally this is employed in the lubrication of turbines, earthmoving equipment like shovels/draglines, etc.

End type:
In this case line is taken from the pump and at the end pressure relay senses the pressure and gives the electrical signal to the reversing valve mounted on the pumping station to change lubrication line from I to II, as used in steel plants, cement plants, etc.

In both cases, the system comprises of:

  • Pumping station
  • In line filter
  • Dose feeders
  • End pressure relay or pressure change over valve
  • Tubings and fittings
  • Control panel
  • Grease transfer pump (optional)

Motorised grease pumping station:
A motorised high pressure dual line grease pump is used for intermittent working with various accessories. Seven standard models are available, with option to select suitable model/size depending upon requirement.

The Cenlub pump is driven by an electric motor coupled with a reduction gearbox through a flexible coupling. On the gearbox output shaft, a cam is mounted which drives a number of spring loaded high pressure pumping elements. These pumping elements are positioned radially on a ring, on which a reservoir is mounted complete with tell tale rod assembly for indicating level of grease. Pumping elements push grease at high pressure through seamless tube to a junction block. A pressure relief regulating valve is incorporated in the line to relieve the excess grease pressure to the tank. Grease is further fed through a filter to change over valve. Function of change over valve is to deliver grease through one of the outlet ports alternatively after receiving signal from over pressure relay.

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