Electrostatic Liquid Cleaners

Ferrocare Machines Private Limited

Ferrocare Machines offers electrostatic liquid cleaners (ELC) with technology from Kleentek Industrial Company, Japan. The low vacuum dehydration equipment (LVDH) has achieved good success in many industries, surpassing the performance of centrifuges, which are less effective with oils of specific gravity close to water and cannot remove emulsified water. The LVDH does not require heating of the oil to a high temperature as moisture is removed at high vacuum and low temperature. The ELC is available in a range of models for various oil capacities and configurations to suit different applications. It has received wide acceptance in many industries such as steel, power, automobiles, plastics, ceramics for critical hydraulics and lubrication applications where a high degree of oil purity is essential. The ELC is very effective in removing particulate contamination especially in the range below 5 micron where filters are ineffective and uneconomical. The company also sells an oil contamination checking kit as an accessory to both ELC and LVDH so that the user can easily monitor oil purity level. The machines operate independently requiring no supervision and little or no maintenance. Annual maintenance contracts are offered to large users, taking away the need to devote manpower and resources to oil purity. The installed base is close to three thousand machines. More than half the business comes from repeat orders, which are a testimony to the company"s quality and reliability, and commitment to product support.

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