Hydro Motor Valve

Hydro Motor Valve

Avcon Controls Private Limited

Avcon Controls offers Hydro Motor Valve HMV Type, which is normally closed, hydraulically operated safety valve.

When the mains signal is given to an actuator, the internal oil pump builds up the pressure. This oil pressure slowly acts from downward direction on actuator piston. The oil pump switches off as the valve opens completely. The pressure is continuously maintained within the actuator. In event of occurence of drop in pressure while closing the valve, the mains voltage has to be disconnected. After disconnecting the mains signal, the oil pressure is revealed and the valve disc is getting closed within 1 second with the help of closing spring force.

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To control and regulate the gas, air flow to burners and other combustion devices. HMV is a unique safety valve that can be supplied for the requiremen of handling higher normal pressure and higher flow where normal Solenoid Valves have limitations.HMV is highly dependable valve to be used on combustion equipment especially in Furnaces, Boilers, Ovens, Blast Furnace and Producer gas installation. gas delivery lines, and oil & gas refineries. etc. where safety requirements are very high.
  • Slow opening , fast shut-off
  • Robust Construction
  • Economically Priced
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