Vacuum Pressure Sludge Suction Pump

Vacuum Pressure Sludge Suction Pump

Promivac Engineers

Promivac Engineers offers a Vacuum Pressure Sludge Suction Pump, specially designed and fabricated to satisfy the ever increasing demands of municipalities and contractors for their employing them for cleaning the chocked sewage lines, emptying septic tanks and disposal of the accumulated sludge from the manholes and mobile toilet units by suction. This powerful suction system with added benefit of being able to pressurise the tank for fast emptying is the integral part of a cesspool emptier or a honey wagon – the large tanker lorries trolleys specially designed to suck contaminated waste out of cesspools, sewage tanks, portable and airplane toilets and carry it to a suitable disposal point. The rotor of these fan cooled sliding vane type vacuum pressure pumps are fitted with either 6 or 8 specialty treated smoother and flawless long performing life of the equipment. The pump is supplied with an oil storage tank which takes care of the automatic oiling facility of the vital components of the pump, but of course, needs occasional topping up the depleted quantity. These vacuum-pressure pumps are available in various capacities and models suiting permanent fixation/supporting on a trolley or for mounting right on the chassis of the mobile tanker into which the sludge/sewage is required to be sucked. In the latter option, the pump can be made to run with the same engine, which is moving the tanker, i.e., vehicle's PTO or split shaft PTO. Apart from this, the pump can also be made to run with the help of an electric motor or a diesel genset. A float valve system is also supplied with the pump which ensures termination of the further suction when the tank becomes fully loaded preventing thereby overflowing of the sludge. The four way changeover valve, which is supplied with the pump make suction of the sludge smoother and its forced disposal quite quicker. Both these operations are made possible through only one opening of the tank. The company also offers Regenerative Suction Blowers, Vacuum Pumps, Water-Ring Type, Rotary High Vacuum Pumps, Oil Sealed, Water-Ring Vacuum Pumps, Double Stage, Rotary Vacuum-Pressure Pumps, etc.

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