Seal Failure Alarm Module

Seal Failure Alarm Module

Bellofram Instruments (India) Private Limited

ATC Diversified Electronics, a division of Marsh Bellofram Corporation, has introduced the Model SPM 120AAA single-channel Shaft Seal Monitoring Module for submersible pump motor applications. Model SPM 120AAA provides early warning of possible motor shaft seal leakages and failures. When used as part of an effective predictive maintenance strategy, the module can help reduce the risks of premature equipment failure and downtime over 10 million mechanical cycles and fifty thousand electrical operations. Offered with choices of both fixed and adjustable sensitivities, the Model SPM 120AAA detects a pump motor shaft seal leak by sensing the position of a resistive float switch or pair of conductive probes installed within the seal cavity. When the resistance drops below the sensitivity rating and a possible leak is detected, the output relay energizes and the LED illuminates to red. When the submersible pump seal fault condition is cleared, the output relay automatically resets. Units operate from a 120 V AC 50/60 Hz supply voltage. SPM 120AAA is ideal for OEM submersible pumps; potable or wastewater sump pumps; industrial or municipal pump monitoring; control package manufacturing; and general industrial leak detection.

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