Manual Grease Pump

Cenlub Systems

Cenlub Systems offers Manual Grease Pump. This Pump meant for feeding grease to bearings and other moving parts of machines such as Calendaring machines, Mixing machines, Rolling mills, Bending machines, Furnaces and other likely machines having 1-20 lubrication points. (Model MGP-600-2 for 1-6 points and Model MGP-1500-6 for 1-20 points). The pump consists of various parts as shown in the picture. When the handle is pulled, grease is sucked through the suction port. While pushing handle this grease come out under pressure through a check valve and is supplied to the grease pipelines.
The pump has reservoir, which can be either of acrylic or Mild Steel (as per the customer's choice). A tell tale rod indicates the level of grease and a follower plate assembly helps in providing positive suction of the grease. Pump has got outlet ports of 1/4" BSP on both sides (Right hand side and Left hand side). Normally left hand side is plugged and check valve is fitted on right hand side. However, if required, this plug and check valve can be interchanged.

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