Jacketed Gear Pump

Jacketed Gear Pump

Fluid Tech Systems

Fluid Tech Systems offer “rotofluid” make gear pump Model “FTRN/FTRB” Which is heavy duty foot mounting type positive displacement rotary twin gear pump. Model “FTRN/FTRB/FTRX” having three piece construction it can be easily cleanable and maintainable. These pumps having a double helical refined gear and hardened grind finished shaft, double helical gear prevent axial load & side thrust which it help to increase life and performance of pump. Model “FTRB” is a bush bearing type of pump which can be used for viscous liquid having sufficient lubricating value for intermittent duty, however for continuous duty, needle roller bearing in Model “FTRN” and it will be selected for liquid having low viscosity, power lubricating values if liquid containing dirt or impurities pump will independently lubricated bearing should be selected in Model 'FTRX', liquid which tends to solidity at lower temperature the jacketing construction should be selected to facilitate the heating of the pump lay steam or thermic fluid etc.

These pumps are having flange at the end of suction and delivery which are available in 1/2" to 4" size. These pumps can be operated up to pressure of 10 kg/cm² with 8.30 LPM to 833.30 LPM flow capacity. These pumps are suitable for liquid up to viscosity of 1, 00,000 SSU and maximum temperature up to 200ºc.

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Production Capacity: 500 Pieces Per Month
  • Delivery Time: As Per Order Quantity
  • Packaging Details: Standard Packaging, Wooden Packaging

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