Coolant Pumps

Coolant Pumps

Mica Sales & Engineering

Mica Sales & Engineering offers Kimmsons brand high quality Coolant Pumps. The motors of all models of coolant pumps conform to IS 325/1978, suitable for 415 ±5% V, three phase, 50 Hz supply. The company also supplies 2-pole motors to suit other voltages like 220, 380, 450 and 500 V supply. All motors are of “E” class insulation, continuously rated. This ensures low temperature rise when pump is operational and results in very long winding life. The rated output capacities of coolant pumps are for handling liquids when power supply is at 415 V, 50 Hz without reducing the outlet size. For liquids of higher viscosity, actual delivery slightly decreases. The terminal box design is such that it can be positioned in any one of 4 directions in horizontal plane, at an interval of 90 degree with respect to the outlet. The conduit entry can be rotated through 360 degree in 4 positions in vertical plane. These pumps are available in 6 different capacities to suit all types of modern high-speed machine tools. All dimensions and specifications are as per IS: 2161. The company also offers Brake Motors, DC Motors, Laboratory Equipment, Worm Reduction Gear Boxes, Helical Geared Motors, etc.

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  • Useful for all general purpose machine tools with moderate cutting action like centre lathe, drilling, milling, etc.
  • Suitable for soluble cutting oils and less viscous coolants.
  • Can also be used for transferring or lifting of liquids, as stirrers, as ink circulating pumps in rotogravure, flexographic machines, etc.
  • Model – KC-1 Special
  • Rating – 0.25 HP
  • Output – 70 LPM at 1 metre head
  • Stem length available – 120, 170 and 220 mm
  • Outlet – ¾” BSP
  • Current – 0.55 A
  • Pressure – 0.56 bar
  • Cooling – fan cooled
  • Comparable with imported pumps
  • Only approved, certified and thoroughly tested raw material is used for manufacturing
  • Each pump is tested for rigid quality norms and characteristics
  • Guaranteed against manufacturing defect for a period of one year as per standard guarantee clauses

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