Hydraulic Line Booster

Hydraulic Line Booster

Teslead Equipments Private Limited

Teslead Equipments Pvt. Ltd. offers Hydraulic Line Booster. Hydraulic Line Boosters are used for boosting the normal hydraulic pressure from the powerpack to the system to the different ratios. If the hydraulic cylinder is operated with high pressure upto 800bar, then the powerpack will not support. But by using this booster the pressure can be achieved by simply connecting the normal line without any external force / connections. Different type/Multistage pumps are used to achieve the system requirement.

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  • Used in Hydraulic Power presses
  • Used in CNC Hydraulic Clamping systems
  • Used in Industrial Hydraulic jacks
  • Used for test pressure vessles
  • Used for Pipe bending machines
  • P IN: Inlet pressure 20-200 bar
  • P H: 800 bar maximum (outlet pressure)
  • P RETURN: As low as possible (Return pressure to tank)
  • Intensification ratios: P H = (P IN – P Return) i (Intensification)
  • Mounting: Inline tube

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