Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump

Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump

Metachem Corporation

Metachem Corporation offers hydraulic diaphragm metering/dosing pumps.

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  • The hydraulically balanced diaphragm pump is a hybrid design; like the other pumps its power end and capacity control are common
  • This, however, is where the similarity ends, since the plunger does not come into contact with the pumped fluid, and the actuation of diaphragm is by hydraulic power instead of mechanical power
  • The pump consists of three sections which are the drive end, hydraulic chamber end, and the liquid end (diaphragm head) the drive end mechanism for a plunger pump and hydraulic diaphragm pump is the same
  • The diaphragm head is fitted to the stroke length control mechanism; the plunger reciprocates within a precisely sized cylinder at an established stroke length, displacing a volume of hydraulic liquid, not the product liquid
  • The hydraulic liquid is stable and has excellent lubricating qualities; the plunger uses the hydraulic oil to move the diaphragm forward and backward, causing a displacement which expels the product liquid through the discharge check valve and, on the suction stroke, takes in an equal amount through the suction check valve
  • The diaphragm isolates the liquid product being contained within the liquid chamber and check valves
  • The diaphragm also acts as a perfect seal between the hydraulic oil and the liquid being pumped creating a hermetically sealed system making the pump safe for toxic fluids and other hazardous fluids
  • When properly installed and working within the recommended temperature range and not affected by corrosion or abrasion, the diaphragm has an unlimited life.

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