New Internal Lobe Pumps

New Internal Lobe Pumps

Creative Engineers Private Limited

Creative Engineers offers New Internal Lobe Pumps. The SIG pumps are based on the proven rotary trochoidal design – gerotor principale. The pumps are designed to meet specific demands of OEM’s. The reliable performance of the SIG series makes them an ideal choice for various industrial applications.

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  • Transfer from tank to tank
  • Emptying of barrels
  • Lubricating and cooling of bearings ,gears, mechanical seals and machine tools
  • Fuel oil booster

Special Executions

  • Specially coated internals for pumping of non –lubricating liquids.
  • Engineering plastics rotor set for chemicals & low viscosity fluids
  • Specially designed pumps for vacuum duty applications
  • Uni-directional

Advantages Of SIG Pumps

  • Single shaft – well supported at both ends
  • High suction lift and low noise level as well as vibrations
  • High volumetric and overall efficiency
  • Continuous, pulsation free flow due to axial entry in pumping element
  • Compact and light – weight design
  • Ease of assembling and dismantling without disturbing the pipeline.
  • Choice of oil seal / Mechanical seal / gland pack.
  • Parts / Pumps interchangeable with well known brands.

Liquids Handled

  • Fuel oil
  • Lube Oil
  • Neutral liquids with lubricating properties

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