Plain Bearings

Plain Bearings

GGB Bearing Technology

GGB India offers high performance Plain Bearings as replacement for roller bearings. Roller bearings are noisier, bulkier, harder to assemble and relatively expensive. Plain bearings are quiet, slim, easy to assemble and expensive. Examples of equipment where rolling element bearings have been replaced by GGB plain bearings: Automotive – steering gear, AC compressors, transmissions, planetary gears, gear shift mechanisms, differentials, pumps, valve gear rocker arms, air baffle actuators, throttle butterfly valves, etc; Industrial – hydraulic pumps and motors, injection moulding/special purpose machines, hydroelectric installations, agricultural machinery, work platforms, mechanical handling equipment, aerospace, oil drilling/mining equipment, vehicle dock levellers, bridges and locks, railway equipment, wind turbines, elevators, robots, concrete, cement and asphalt mixers, medical/dental equipment, etc. The company also offers Bearing Material, Cast Bronze Bearings, Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings, Bearings for Heavy-Duty Truck Kingpins, etc.

  • Eliminate shaft hardening costs
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Reduce costs via weight and space reduction
  • Reduce piece part costs.

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