Thermal Protectors

Thermal Protectors

Ghanacon Products

Ghanacon Products offers Thermal Protectors (TOPs). These are temperature dependent switching devices, which operate at a predefined temperature. They are used for over-temperature protection. The TOPs can practically fit into the smallest motor, transformer or any other equipment. Whenever the equipment gets hot and the switching temperature of the TOP is attained, the TOP trips thus protecting the equipment against overheating and burning. When the equipment cools down to a safe temperature, the TOP resets automatically and the normal function of the equipment is resumed. Its automatic operation makes it a fail-safe and tamper-proof device.Ghanacon Products is one of the leading companies engaged in providing complete customised solutions to various industries. The products have gained huge appreciation in a short span of time and find diverse applications such as in electric motors, transformers, control panels and others

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  • Single phase and FHP motors
  • Mono block/jet pumps/submersible pumps
  • Transformers/ballasts/chokes
  • Heating pads
  • Heat sinks
  • Solenoids
  • wide range of switching temperatures from 50ºC to 170ºC
  • current capacity of 8 A/10 A (surface mount type)
  • Surface mounting TOPs available
  • low differential temperature for electronic applications
  • Very economical

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