Hydraulic Jack

Hydraulic Jack

Mekaster Tools Limited

The Hydraulic Jack conforms to ASME B30.1 standards and is designed with a safety factor of 2:1 on material yield. This jack component is manufactured with graded alloy steel, hardened and tempered for toughness. Cylinder bore is hard chrome plated to enhance wear resistance. Pressure activated, anti-extrusion polyurethane seal of imported make (Parker / Economos / Hallite, etc.) is used to provide high reliability. Phosphorus bronze guide rings provided on piston and gland nut reduces scoring caused by off-centre loads. All exposed surfaces are treated for corrosion resistance. Ram is provided with hardened grooved saddle to prevent from mushrooming. Port connections are 3/8" NPT (F). This jack is tested for all dimensions, static pressure, functional (no load & and on load cyclic) and overload. Matching hydraulic hand pumps with coupler and hoses of European origin are available for single & multi-jack applications. These pumps (single / double speed) are designed for heavy-duty applications with hardened and ground piston, integral reservoir with telescopic handle, automatic safety relief valve, modular construction of valves for ease in maintenance, etc. There are more than 50 standard single acting models with spring assisted ram retractions ranging from 5 to 200 tonnes capacity in various types, such as plain ram, screwed ram, hollow ram, short height & and flat. In addition, 1500 T capacity of jacks are supplied in single / double acting models for various special applications, such as pile testing, post tensioning, bridge lifting or shifting, etc.

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