Digital Pressure Gauges

Digital Pressure Gauges

Adarsh Industries

Adarsh Industries has introduced high accuracy Digital Pressure Gauges based on latest technology. Model EN401 comes with a standard accuracy of ±0.1% FS available in ranges from 0-1 up to 1000 bar, vacuum and compound ranges. The EN401 features a sturdy and rugged plastic ABS body. It has an excellent battery life of 1200 hrs. It has multiple units in bar/PSI/kg/cm² and many other units depending on range selected. These gauges are ideal for calibration application, equipments, continuous monitoring, leak testing. The EN501 digital pressure gauge is an advanced model available in ±0.05% FS or ±0.1% FS accuracy. It features a graphical display with back light and shows pressure bar graph and battery remaining in %. It features a battery life of 80 hrs (available with optional charger), and is ideal for calibration and critical application where higher accuracy is required. Available in ranges 0-1 up to 0-1000 bar, vacuum/compound and low ranges in mmWC/mbar units. The company also has an all in one model EN450, which can measure pressure, current (0-25 mA) and do leak test and switch test. This gauge is ideal for applications to calibrate pressure gauges/switches/transmitters. The EN450 model is also available with option of data logging with PC connectivity via USB port (includes PC software also). The company also manufactures calibration equipments like pressure comparators, portable hand pumps, digital manometer, digital temperature indicator, universal calibrator, temperature baths and pressure gauges/temperature gauges/gauge accessories. The products are exported to 35 countries worldwide.

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