Machine For Free Flow Items

Machine For Free Flow Items

Pearl Packaging

Pearl Packaging offers an innovative range of the latest in packing machines ? a complete array of sophisticated models, all employing the most modern Japanese technology. Each mechanised part incorporates built-in gadgets with fully replaceable spare parts. Also, the stainless steel parts of the machine make cleaning wholly easy. Allowing easy change over methods, these machines can pack a wide range of very different volumes, from a mere 2 gm or even as much as 1000 gm, each pouch filled to varying client specifications. Applications are for packaging almost anything: right from tea, spices, confectionary and tobacco to lubricants, jams, chemicals and even grease. The company also undertakes the job of art and design work of the pouches. It offers a machine for free flow items, Model PP 141. Dosing systems: cup filler, auger filler, liquid filler, semi liquid filler, tablet feeder and vibratory feeder. Applicable products: tea, pan masala, seeds, rice, spices, shampoo, oil, semi liquid items, etc. Specifications: min film size ? W 30 mm, L 32 mm; max film size ? W 350 mm, L 220 mm; max weight/bag ? 500 gm; machine speed ? 30-60 bags/min; electricity ? 220 V, 50 Hz, single phase; power consumption ? 1.5 kW; machine weight ? 380 kg (approx); and machine dimensions ? W 560 x D 750 x H 1800 mm.

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