High Security Bolt Container Seal

High Security Bolt Container Seal

Safcon Seals Private Limited

Safcon offers high performance high security bolt container seal. It is an ISO 17712:2013 compliant bolt seal with anti-spin feature and barcoded serial number for ISO containers, trucks, tankers, rail, and ship for highest protection level. The tamper resistant barrier security seal has been especially designed to provide highest security to containers, thereby eliminating chance of pilferage and tampering without detection.  The specially formulated plastic coating will bear fracture/abrasion marking if even a slightest attempt to tamper is made. The locking bar and cylinder are easily locked by a slight pressure by the hand and require 24" Bolt Cutter for removal of the security seal. The seal is made of hard carbonized steel covered with shockproof plastic coating to withstand all types of weather conditions and protects against corrosion. Each seal is provided with identical sequential serial number on both locking bar and cylinder for added security. The serial numbers are also provided in barcode form, which enable easy reading, recording and verification by barcode reader to avoid manual error. Customer’s identification or logo is provided on cylinder. To enhance the security level, hidden code is provided for integrity of the seal and to resist use of fake/duplicate seal for malpractice as making identical/fake seal becomes impossible. While it is available in standard colour white, it can be supplied in other colours like red, yellow, blue, and green against specific order.

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