Support Channels

Support Channels

MUPRO India Private Limited

MUPRO offers MPC-Support channels 40/60, sendizmir galvanised.


  • Quick and efficient attachment of pipe sections and multiple pipeways
  • Scale marks sideways and on the side with the slot simplify the alignment of the attachment elements during installation and facilitate the measuring and cutting to length of the section on site
  • For secure fixing that is adjustable laterally and vertically
  • High bending stiffness due to the cross-section design
  • For setting up structures with correctly measured static loads by means of diverse connection components
  • Suitable vibration control elements for all support channels available
  • Clean-cut appearance by the use of protection caps
  • Support channels 38/40 and 40/60 are awarded the RAL-quality mark of the "Gütegemeinschaft Rohrbefestigung". The following values apply:
    • Safety factor v = 1.54
    • Yield strength fy,k = 235 [N/mm²]
    • Material DX51D Z 275 NQA
    • Deflection delimitation L/200

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  • Ideal for pipe installation as support structure for air ducts in dry interiors
  • Variety of mounting options for pre-wall installations and shelves in combination with extensive range of system components

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