HDPE Pipes And Coils

HDPE Pipes And Coils

Nagarjuna Polymers

Nagarjuna Polymers offers HDPE Pipes And Coils. High Density Polyethylene is a thermoplastic Polyolefin material generated from the polymerization of ethylene. It is manufactured in petrochemical plants with petroleum as the raw material. Depending of the polymerization process, different types of polyethylene materials are obtained. HDPE, with a density of 0.94 ? 0.96 g/cm³ is manufactured at low pressure. Several modified copolymers have been developed in recent years. A recently developed grade, often termed as PE 100 with a density of 0.95 ? 0.965 g/cm³, has significantly higher strength properties than normal HDPE. It is especially designed for the production of larger diameter & thick walled pipe, but can be processed for the whole range of diameters. It also shows excellent resistance to rapid crack propagation and slow crack growth.

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  • Column piping for Submersible and Jet Pumps
  • Suction and delivery pipes.
  • Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation systems.
  • Lift irrigation
  • Insecticide spraying
  • High corrosion resistance, resulting into a longer life.
  • High flexibility and impact strength.
  • Extremely light weight, hence easy to handle, transport & install.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent water hammer characteristics, helps sustaining pressure surges.
  • No exfiltration and infiltration (zero Leak-rate), helps maintaining the quality of fluid being conveyed.
  • No trenches needed, resulting into easy and economical installation.
  • High UV resistance; virtually maintenance free.
  • High resistance to scaling and biological build up.
  • High chemical resistance, absolutely inert to any pH value.
  • Available in suitable coils of 50m to 1000m ( Depending on Pipe OD) as well as in straight lengths of 5 to 12 meters thus minimizing joints and making laying easier and quicker.
  • Smooth inner surface prevents growth of bacteria hence makings pumping easier and faster, which leads to significant energy savings

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