OEM Cad Platforms

OEM Cad Platforms

Graebert India Software Private Limited

Graebert India Software Pvt Ltd offers OEM Cad Platforms. Build your own CAD solutions combining your specific features with the ready-to-use DWG-editing features of the ARES CAD Software. The final result will be a solution you can sell under your brand and created after your own specifications. The ARES Trinity API supports C++, LISP and DCL on all three platforms: ARES Commander (Windows, Mac and Linux), ARES Touch (Android and iOS) and ARES Kudo (Cloud). Developers will therefore find an easy path to migrate code initially created for Windows-based applications to Cloud and Mobile. With such API Graebert aims also at offering developers a very cost-effective programming environment to maintain the same core features on multiple platforms. Other platform-specific programming languages for desktop and/or mobile and cloud may include .NET, VSTA, Qt, Wt, Visual Studio, Active X, Java

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