Multi-Function Geyser

Paragon Products

Paragon Products offers Multi-function Geysers. It is a good quality water heating system. It consumes almost four times less electricity as compared to a conventional geysers in continuous usage over a period of time. It is reliable and durable. It has three main functions: it delivers 6-15 buckets of hot water for a bath continuously within an hour depending on the temperature of incoming cold water; it keeps the heat of boiled water sealed after auto cut-off for 3 to 4 hours without consuming any electricity and thus delivers almost 2 litres of boiled water at any given point of time with negligible running cost; and thirdly, with all-polymer body, small size, just 1.5 kg weight and a unique hanging system, it is portable and it can be carried to any place and used anywhere at any time for heating water even on the move without need for any installation. Additional features include: rust-free shock-proof body, resistant to formation of scales in salt water or hard water, auto switch-off when water supply stops, no installation or plumbing cost, no risk of accident due to bursting of inner shell.

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