Heating Bundle, Withdrawable Type

Heating Bundle, Withdrawable Type

Theeta Electricals Private Limited

Theeta Electricals Pvt Ltd offers Theeta brand withdrawable type Heating Bundle. This was developed recently for a large refinery, as an easy maintenance oil heating bundle. Breakdowns and long maintenance time are 2 major hindrances in ensuring non stop working of the refinery. It was developed based on the user requirements and Theeta recommended withdrawable type heating bundle – so named as the heating bundles can be easy withdrawn for maintenance or breakdown without emptying the tank. To elaborate, the heating bundle is fitted inside a pipe that is welded to the tank. When the heating bundle is charged, it heats the pipe and the pipe heats the medium, in this case the oil. The heating bundle is encased inside a pipe, which requires a strong design, as the heater heats up the entrapped air, which in turn heats up the pipe and the pipe heats up the oil. The placement of elements, the surface loading, the tube material, temperature controls, etc., have to be spot on to ensure safe working of the heating elements. Also the bundle and the pipe must be pressure tested to eliminate any chance of leakage. It was designed by experienced staff and a capable design team using 2D and 3D design software. The bundle was supplied to the customer and is running successfully it the site. This type of heaters can be used in numerous applications where the tank sizes are big and the medium to be heated is either acidic, alkaline or gaseous in nature with changes in the raw material and the control. Theeta brand is known for heating elements and heating units, the company the largest heating element and heating units manufacturing and exporting unit in India manufacturing a wide variety of heating elements for domestic, industrial and commercial use.

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