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Mellcon Engineers offers BHR type Air Dryer. The wet air at a pressure of 5.5-8.0 kg/cm² (g) and at 50ºC temperature enters the pre filter. Here all the mist particles are entrained and collected in the bowl of the filter. This moisture is discharged from the bottom plug regularly. An automatic condensate discharge device is provided. From the pre filter air passes through the inlet four-way valve to the drying tower. The air passes upwards and in turn gets dried by the charge of silica gel/activated alumina/molecular sieves packed in the tower. After coming out of the tower, the air passes through the second four-way valve. Then the air passes through the after filter, which removes the dust particles, etc., and the air coming out of this is pure and dry air can be fed to the application of work area. Each tower remains on line for drying up to 6 hours. After every 6 hours the towers change over automatically through a motorised cam timer. After change over the saturated tower will be regenerated. The following is the complete sequence for regeneration: 5 minutes after the change over the tower is depressurised to atmosphere by opening the solenoid valve; after 5 minutes the blower will start; after 5 minutes of blower, heater will be switched on for 4 hrs; after four hours heater is switched off; the blower runs continuously for 5 hours and then switched off at 5th hour to bring down the temperature up to ambient temperature; at 5 hours 45 minutes solenoid valve will be closed; another solenoid valve opens to re-pressurise the regenerated tower to line pressure for 15 minutes; and repressurisation is done to avoid any pressure drops during change over; when the regenerated tower equal to the line pressure then the towers will change over automatically. The above cycle is repeated continuously and automatically through a motorised cam timer installed in the panel box.

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