Electro Slag Remelting Furnaces

Electro Slag Remelting Furnaces

Inductotherm (India) Private Limited

Inductotherm (India) Pvt Ltd offers Electro Slag Remelting Furnaces. In the 1960s Consarc’s engineers conceived a new approach to electroslag remelting, quite different from others in use at the time.  The resulting improvements in the efficiency and performance of the process established Consarc as the leading manufacturer of ESR systems worldwide. The high fill ratio electrode provides significant benefits, including reduced power consumption, increased ingot quality, and improved ingot surfaces. The coaxial conductor system allowed the use of smaller, more efficient power supplies and decreased undesirable magnetic stirring of the melt.  Moreover, it virtually eliminated the stray field eddy current heating of surrounding steelwork which had characterized all prior ESR furnace designs and allowed magnetic interaction between adjacent melts. 

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  • Fully coaxial
  • Precision electrode drive
  • Fully automated melt control
  • X-Y electrode centering
  • Inert gas melting capable
  • Dry air melting capable
  • Slab ingot capable
  • Dry slag starting capable
  • Liquid slag starting available
  • Purpose designed AC power supplies

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