High Precision Reducer

High Precision Reducer

Rotolinear Systems

Rotolinear Systems offers High Precision Reducers – the product is known as a new generation product of zero backlash – a high precision reducer with radial-axial bearing integrated inside the case – bearing reducer. TwinSpin bearing reducers manufactured with high output torque up to 7350 Nm have many advantages like large range of reduction ratios (35-191), rated input speed up to 2000 rpm at nominal load and up to 6000 rpm with decreased load, extremely low vibration, low inertia, high torsional stiffness, high tilting rigidity (850 Nm/arcmin), and high transmission efficiency > 90%.

This reducer is also suitable for application where rotation of the input shaft is achieved using a timing belt or similar arrangement. These bearing reducers are designed for producers of robots and automation equipment, machine tools, positioning systems, general automation and for military industries.

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New fully sealed reducer – hollow shaft reducer that has larger hole in input shaft allowing the cables or additional shafts to pass through the reducer.

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