Metallic Bearing Materials, Self-Lubricating

Metallic Bearing Materials, Self-Lubricating

GGB Bearing Technology

GGB Bearing Technology, formerly Glacier Garlock Bearings, now offers two new Metallic Bearing Materials. Its GGB-CSMT series is made of solid material, and its bimetal GGB-CBMT series features sliding layers sintered onto metallic backings. Both are self-lubricating for maintenance-free performance and provide high load capacity, a broad temperature range and corrosion resistance. The GGB-CSM and GGB-CBM bearing materials are manufactured using a powder metallurgy process to produce a metallic matrix with homogeneously distributed solid lubricant (graphite, MoS2), which forms a lubricant film with the bearings' motion. The GGB-CSM series is based on a range of alloys consisting of bronze, iron and nickel, and includes materials that are wear-resistant, thermal relaxed and thermal stabilized. The GGB-CBM series is based on a range of bronze alloys, including lead-free offerings, with a choice of stainless, carbon, seawater-resistant steel and bronze backings. Bearings made of the GGB-CSM and GGB-CBM materials are available by special order to customer-supplied designs and drawings. GGB is the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance, self-lubricating and prelubricated bearings with production facilities in the U.S., Germany, France, Brazil, Slovakia and China. The company also offers Expansion Joint, Extreme Pressure Service, Plain Bearings, Bearing Material, dhfidf, Cast Bronze Bearings, etc.

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  • General mechanical engineering
  • Steel plants
  • Steel works and civil engineering
  • Turbines (water, steam, gas)
  • pumps and compressors
  • Food and beverage industry, packaging and handling equipment
  • Tyre mould and agricultural and construction machinery, among others

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