Bearing Isolators, Surface Mounted

Bearing Isolators, Surface Mounted

GGB Bearing Technology

Garlock India Private Limited offers Surface Mounted Bearing Isolators, specially designed for minimal shaft to bore clearance applications. The next member to the innovative maintenance friendly Klozure bearing isolator family, the surface mounted bearing isolator design eliminates the need to machine bearing housings. When bearing protection is required and time to repair equipment is critical, Garlock Klozure surface mounted bearing isolators provide an ideal sealing solution.

  • Universal mounting design accommodates flat metallic surface
  • Reduced mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Eliminates the requirement to machine bearing housings
  • Extends bearing life by excluding external contamination and retaining bearing lubricant
The company also offers Expansion Joint, Extreme Pressure Service, Plain Bearings, Bearing Material, dhfidf, Cast Bronze Bearings, etc.

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  • VFD driven motors (SGi)
  • Motors/pumps
  • Gearboxes and split pillow blocks

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