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Sahyadri Electro Controls offers electronic audible alarms. Salient features: 96 sq.mm ABS plastic enclosure; audio “On” LED at front side; etc.

Sahyadri Electro Controls, Bangalore

Photon Controls offers a compact version of electronic safety guard for operator safety on pneumatic, and hydraulic power presses, shears, press brakes, etc.

Photon Controls (India) P Ltd, Nashik

Model ID: Type 1608
Digicont manufactures microcontroller based, 4/6/8/12 channel, compact annunciator in flush panel mounting plastic enclosures.

ABC Dry Powder (stored pressure) type fire extinguishers are suitable to extinguish fires involving Paper, Cloth, Wood, Rubber, Plastic & Solid Combustible Materials, Petrol, Oil Paints, Chemicals, Cooking & Welding Gas, Electrical & Sophisticated Electronic equipments etc.

Everex Fire Protection Industries, Mumbai

Spy pen camera recorder is ideal for both spy and hidden camera, small enough to conceal almost anywhere.

Mangal Security Equipment Company, New Delhi

IP Network Video Systems offer number of advantages over traditional analogue systems. Convenience, cost effectiveness and overall efficiency play an important role in taking the decision to change to IP.

V-Cop64 is 64-zone Emergency Management System. One can connect 64 wired sensors like Gas leak detectors, smoke detectors, panic switches, etc., in each flat of a building. In case of an emergency, sensor sends signal to the main control panel, which then displays the flat number and type of alarm.

Realty Automation & Security Systems Pvt Ltd, Pune

BIS approved ISI mark water CO2 type fire extinguisher and water store pressure type extinguisher provides safety against `A’ class of the fire which involves materials like wood, paper, cloth, plastics and fibre, rubber, etc.

The Commando Elephone is specially made for elevator (lift) as an emergency phone. The Commando activates with a single press of the remote push button, which initiates automatic dialling to both hand unit installed at different places.

Technic Electronic Corporation, Mumbai
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