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Plastic Coating Powders are low density polyethylene, microfine polyethylene thermoplastic powders. These are used for fluidised bed and dip coating on wire fabricated articles.

Rapid Coat Division, Sahibabad

Powder Coating Resins (PCR) are used for electrostatic powder coating on metals.

Rapid Coat Division, Sahibabad

The profitable operation of modern, highly productive textile machines depends to a large extent on how well the key components that make contact with the fibres and threads resist wear and tear.

Metallizing Equipment Co Pvt Ltd, Jodhpur

Model ID: Aquacoat PU

Aquacoat PU is water based surface coating for interiors and exteriors wood introduced by MRF Vapocure Paints. This is a range of eco-friendly water based PU clear aimed at simplifying life.

MRF Limited - Speciality Coatings Division, Chennai

Vacuum Coating Equipment comes from Hedrich Vacuum Systems (India). The technique of vacuum coating is essential for the modern industrial production.

Hedrich Vacuum Systems (India), Bangalore

Mould Protection Spray IT-1090 is a high performance dry waxy removable coating spray designed for protection of the moulds and finely machined surfaces in storage.

Integrated Technology, Navi Mumbai

Metal marker (metal tip) and water based paint, VPLMT 7000 Series are quality products from VPL Chemicals. These markers are non-toxic and non-hazardous and are environmental friendly.

VPL Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Model ID: XM-600

The new automatic two axis manipulator, Model XM-600, developed by Metallizing Equipment Co comes with job rotation arrangement for coating on piston rings.

Metallizing Equipment Co Pvt Ltd, Jodhpur

Anti-Corrosion/Anti-Rust Spray, Corrogard Wax Spray is manufactured by Aerol Formulations (P) Ltd. Aerosols are becoming increasingly popular and replacing conventional dispensing and application methods such as brushing, dipping, swabbing and spraying with the help of compressed air.

Aerol Formulations (P) Ltd, New Delhi
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