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Prime Industrial Products

Cole-Parmer low-lint wipes is the perfect small (4.4” x 8.3”) lab wipe. These wipes are made from 100% recycled cellulose. They are packaged in recycled and biodegradable boxes, making them the complete environment friendly wipe option. Excellent for light duty tasks and delicate surfaces, leaving them clean and dry without scratching.

Cole-Parmer India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
Prime Industrial Products

Schunk Intec offers Magnos. The Performance Line has a wide range of possibilities to the user. Worn out plates can be ground down by up to 3 mm.

Schunk Intec India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
Prime Industrial Products

Schunk Intec offers Vero - S. The company has developed the SPM plus 138 fixture membrane made of aluminum, where workpieces of various clamping geometries are clamped from all sides with a pull-down effect.

Schunk Intec India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

The new Omnifit bottle caps cut the cost of laboratory safety. Bio-Chem Fluidics manufactures a range of Omnifit® bottle caps and accessories which prevent harmful chemicals and solvent vapours from escaping, ensuring a safe and dependable solvent delivery system in the laboratory.

Smith Flow Control - Halma India, Mumbai

The new 913 Flow Tube from static control specialist, Meech, is designed to eliminate material clinging and clogging in ducting, conveying and handling systems due to static charge.

Shavo Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune

The MIM panel comprises of 128 x 64 pixels LCD based metres, three annunciation panels and four membrane keys. It is used to read 10 analog inputs, 24 digital inputs and 8 membrane keypads.

Process Care Systems (India) Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Super Friction Products offers a range of industrial friction materials.

Super Friction Products, Mumbai

Galaxy International offers imported Surfom files.

Duplex Engineering Works offers a dependable shrouded system for mobile electrification, the shrouding provided for protection.

Duplex Engineering Works, Mumbai
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