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Prime Industrial Products

Compact Lab 865 Precision pH Meter enables you to perform pH measurements rapidly and reliably. It provides the maximum degree of operating comfort, reliability and measuring certainty for all applications.

Cole-Parmer India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
Prime Industrial Products

Model ID: P200-02
The P200 series of benchtop meters provides accurate, reliable results with the benefit of convenient accessories to make your lab run smoothly.

Cole-Parmer India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Model ID: TES1362
Printing Temp Meter has triple LCD display for RH%Humdity, T1 for air & T2 for Type K and dew point reading with Max /Min /Data Hold.

Instruments & Machinery Sales Corporation, Mumbai

Model ID: TES 3600

3 Phase Power Clamp Meter has 10 Display easy views, LCD screen, Connectors for 4 Current Clamp Probes, and Power Measurement. We can measure true RMS sensing power KW, KVAR, KVA, PF, Phase, Hz & Energy Kwh, KVARh, and KVAh.

Instruments & Machinery Sales Corporation, Mumbai

The SMH series 3-in-1 hand held Digital Oscilloscope meter is ideally suited to meet the needs of engineers and technicians for field application.

Scientific Mes-Technik Pvt Ltd, Indore

Glass tube/acrylic body rotameters are used for the measurement of fluid/gas flow rate through pipelines. The rotameter works on variable cross section of glass tube (metering tube).

Flowtech Instruments Services, Vadodara

Capillary rheometers, Rheograph Series 25, 75 and 120 with CAN-bus electronics, introduced by Goettfert are meant for a higher degree of automation.

FLUKE, Bangalore

PIX has introduced digital tension meter for the measurement of belt-tension in a drive. This will help into the correct tensioning of drive resulting into the optimisation of power transmission factor.

Pix Transmissions Ltd, Nagpur

Model ID: Z205

The static charge meter Z205 is a non-contact, lightweight digital instrument designed to measure static voltages on objects and surfaces.

Zeebeetronics, Bangalore
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