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The Stirrup Forming Machine is used to make stirrup rings in mass quantities on construction sites. This is a high-speed machine with an output of 2 to 4 thousand stirrups per shift.

Brakes India offers a CNC Multi-Station Rotary Honing Machine. It performs simultaneously rough honing, finish honing and super finish honing operations on cast iron hydraulic cylinders.

Model ID: VIBM 6TX800
Khemka Broach & Spline Gauge offers a broaching machine, VIBM 6TX800. It is mostly recommended for internal broaching. It is a double cylinder vertical broaching machine suitable for small to medium size of parts.

Khemka Broach and Spline Gauge, Aurangabad

Essenes offers Spark Erosion (Forming) EDMs from Baoma. It is manufactured as per the international standards. It is available in table sizes of 600 mm x 350 mm, 700 mm x 420 mm, 800 mm x 500 mm and 1100 mm x 650 mm.

Elektromek Engineering has introduced the 3T/5T hydraulic push broaching press and 6T x 800 vertical hydraulic pull broaching machine having 3 stations.

Elektromek Engineering Enterprises, Mumbai

Sedvik Industries designs and manufactures cold-rollformers for shaping sections from ferrous and non-ferrous metal sheets and strips. The process of cold roll-forming employs a series of pairs of matching profiled rolls through which metal strip is passed without the application of heat.

Sedvik Industries P Ltd, Bangalore

Model ID: M-3-63

The Horizontal Honing Machine, M-3-63 is available in single and multi speed type with capacity of 3 mm to 63 mm. The features are totally maintenance free, easy to operate, low valued hence economical.


Manisha Machinery Pvt. Ltd., Palghar

Jagdeep Foundry offers a wide range of planing machines suitable for machining flat, V-shaped guideways, T-slots as well as vertical, horizontal and inclined surfaces.

Meraj Engineering Rotary swaging is a process for reducing the diameter of a length of tubing. The reduced diameter can be any length

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