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Prime Industrial Products

Birdman Chemeng Private Limited offers a range of Dynamometer (Tension & Load Indicator), Which is used for several applications such as Cable tensioning in transmission tower, Fastener/Anchor testing, Guying, Railway signals, Telecom testing, Traction/draw bar pull test, Hoist/crane testing, Conveyor belt testing, Chain testing, Industrial and R&D tests, etc.

Systems & Controls offers a Force Gauge. It is light weight and has high accuracy and is offered with calibration certificate having traceability to national standards.

Model ID: KB-3000 (O)
Krystal Elmec offers KE Brinell hardness tester, KB-3000 (O). It is an electrically operated machine suitable for mass testing of components made of steel.

Model ID: HVS-1000

Qualitech Systems offers a digital display micro hardness tester, Model HVS-1000.

Potence Controls provides an all round solution for analytical instrumentation for process, laboratory and portables.

The scratch hardness tester is a suitable apparatus for carrying out the tests relating to resistance to scratch under a specified load.

Crane Electronics Ltd – U.K., make new digital torque and angle wrench, Model IQ wrench Opta is both more simple to use and more versatile than a simple audit wrench.

Summit Engineering Technology Pvt Ltd, Navi Mumbai

Model ID: DHV-1000
Qualitech Systems offers a micro Vickers hardness tester, Model DHV-1000. Main features: tester made with a unique and precise design in the field of mechanics, optics and light source is able to produce a clearer indentation and hence a more precise measurement.

The Production Engineering Department of Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune, has designed and developed a unique ‘Dry Bearing Test Rig’ to measure coefficient of friction and wear under varying load, speed and temperature simulating actual working condition.