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Model ID: CRC 5-56
CRC 5-56 is a multi purpose lubricant that has superior penetrating power that breaks through rust and corrosion while it cleans away scale and dirt.

Unique Industrial Product Suppliers, Chennai

Twin Tech Trading offers an Anti-seize Lubricant. It is a copper-based lubricant for high pressure and high temperature applications. It resists temperatures up to 1100 degree C and prevents galling, metal to metal contact and seizing of threaded components.

Twin Tech India Pvt Ltd, Ghaziabad

Raj Group offers a comprehensive range of industrial and automotive lubricants catering to diverse needs of the corporate as well as retail sector. Lubricants from the Raj Group are high tech products offering optimum and cost effective solutions to difficult lubrication problems.

Raj Petro Specialities Pvt Ltd, Chennai

The 3M Scotch Spray product range consists of a number of different insulating, cleaning, protective and preventative maintenance sprays.

Winterthur Technology Group, Bangalore

Model ID: Espon-DLW
Steel Plant Specialities offers a range of hot forging lubricants.It increases die life by 30% to as high as 123%.

Steel Plant Specialities LLP, Mumbai

Elf offers hydraulic oil, Azolla Spin.

White Grease For Green Vehicles comes from Kluber Lubrication India Pvt. Ltd. To lower a vehicle’s energy consumption, many technologies are being tested in the automotive industry. Weight reduction is of particular concern, which is the reason why in many cases plastics are being used to replace metals.

Kluber Lubrication India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Lubricants & Cleaning Products comes from Pidilite Industries Ltd. The company has been a pioneer and market leader in the field of consumer and speciality chemicals in India since its inception in 1959.

Tri-Logic Slideway & Hydraulic Lubricant comes from DSL Trading Private Limited. Bacteria and fungi are the enemy of metalworking fluids.

DSL Trading Private Limited, Thane
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