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Model ID: F3G-C
Omron offers Laser Scanners, F3G-C. It increases safety by detecting workers to warn of proximity to dangerous area. It uses a laser beam to scan across a two-dimensional plane acting as a reflective safety area sensor. It is manufactured as per International Standards.

Omron Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, New Delhi

Model ID: YLP Series
IPG Photonics offers Pulsed Ytterbium Fiber Lasers, YLP Series. It is used for material processing, telecommunication, aerospace, test and measurement, marking, diamond cutting, micro machining, precision drilling, micro welding, engraving, diamond marking, trimming, spot welding, micro cutting.

IPG Photonics (India) Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Model ID: Model SP-1300
Laser engraver, Model SP-1300, is ideal for marking a host of products of various materials. Features: smoothly sliding design on honey-comb to swap at instant, tilt hopper and part-catch drawer design to collect the cutting workpieces conveniently; pass-through design to stretch long workpieces in Y-axis direction;etc.

Spectron Lasers Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad

Rita Laser Marking Systems offers 20W, a fibre laser marking systems for gold hallmarking and ornamental design. Specification: laser type – fibre laser; wavelength – 1060, ±10µm; average laser power – 20 W; beam pulsing – in-built Q-switch.

Rita Laser Marking Systems, Gurgaon

Techedge offers LDDM laser calibration and measurement system: easier, faster and more convenient, as it checks the positional accuracy and repeatability of the machine, and helps diagnosis misalignment, looseness of ball nut, variable backlash, etc., so as to set own preventive maintenance program.

Model ID: TD 410
The LaserTop TD 410 combines Technifor’s diode-pumped YAG laser with a compact user-friendly workstation.

GravoTech Engineering Pvt Ltd, Pune

Kinnari Printing Technologies offers laser marking system, CO2 Series, from Tec-H Laser Technology Co Ltd, a professional supplier to laser industrial solutions – the earliest manufacturer in diode pump Nd: YAG laser equipment.

Kinnari Printing Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Model ID: YLP Series

The YLP Series is maintenance-free Q-switched pulsed Ytterbium fibre lasers designed for OEM applications. These lasers deliver a high power 1.07µm laser beam directly to the work site via a flexible metal-sheathed fibre cable.

IPG Photonics (India) Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Fiberguide Industries’ new mode scrambler option for its line of high power laser delivery assemblies protects the fibre optic conduit by conducting heat away from the fibre end.

Smith Flow Control - Halma India, Mumbai
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