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Sahney Kirkwood offers Insulation Materials. It has a very low thermal conductivity of 0.20 W/m. Lower the thermal conductivity, better is the degree of thermal insulation.

Sahney Kirkwood Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Model ID: Heat Block
Shailnick Chemicals offers Insulation Compounds, Heat Block. It has unique heat absorbing properties, which insulates against heat transfer during welding, soldering, brazing or other heat treatment.

Shailnick Chemicals P Ltd, Ahmedabad

Model ID: C112
Sonya Ceramics (Export Division) offers Porcelain Insulators, C112. Features: basically alkaline alumina silicate; economic insulator; good mechanical strength; good resistance to chemical attack and widely popular.

Bright Trade Syndicate Import-Export offers the Krempel range of insulation material for electric motors.

Bright Trade Syndicate Import-Export, Mumbai

Anoop Ceramics offers Steatite & Alumina Ceramic Insulators. These are used in all types of communication devices operating at a very high voltage and high frequency. These are also used in mobile communication, outdoor broadcasting vans, microwave antennas and super power transmitters. These are available in different shape and size.

Bright Trade Syndicate Import-Export offers the Krempel range of insulation material for dry-type transformers.

Bright Trade Syndicate Import-Export, Mumbai

Powersil silicone rubber grades are a staple of the power transmission and distribution industry. They not only contain the good properties of Elastosil, but have also been tailored to the needs of high voltage technology, e.g., lasting surface hydrophobicity, reasons why Powersil is one of the best elastomeric insulating materials around.

Wacker Metroark Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Ceramic insulators for custom-made are resistors tubes, resistor formers, mosquito repellant equipment housing & wick rods, power connectors etc. These are made to customer specification, drawings / samples, application details, working temperature information and the quantity required each item.

Mangalam Industrial Products, Ahmedabad

Wherever reaction resin systems are processed, Hedrich Vacuum Systems’ concept of preparing, mixing and dosing is applied.

Hedrich Vacuum Systems (India), Bangalore
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