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Model ID: Lamiflex

Lamiflex is double layer insulation made of polyester film with insulating press paper overlay on one side of insulation.

Gayatri Insulating Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara

Roof construction with thermopackers – from the viewpoint of construction physics the roof no matter of what design, is the most highly stressed part of a building. Heat and cold, dryness and wetness, storms and snow act from the outside, internal relative humidity acts from inside, either alternatively or both at the same time.

Routine system maintenance on industrial processes often involves removing insulation on pipe valves and fittings. If it is not replaced, the energy loss can be substantial.

Hi-Tech International, Navi Mumbai

Model ID: Polynum 1
In hot climate, or summer seasons, or in tropical weather, during daylight hours, there is a constant process of heat accumulation in the building’s external elements, which are exposed to the sun’s radiation and to external temperatures.

M K Petro Products (India) Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Machine House offers world class rubber air spring for highly effective insulation of machinery and sub-assemblies against impact and oscillation with technology from Bilz Vibration Technology, Germany.

Machine House (India) Pvt. Ltd., Nashik

Bilz insulating plates are highly developed materials designed to combat problems caused in many industrial sectors by vibrations and structure-borne noise.

Machine House (India) Pvt. Ltd., Nashik

Sahney Kirkwood offers Insulation Materials. It has a very low thermal conductivity of 0.20 W/m. Lower the thermal conductivity, better is the degree of thermal insulation.

Sahney Kirkwood Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Model ID: Heat Block
Shailnick Chemicals offers Insulation Compounds, Heat Block. It has unique heat absorbing properties, which insulates against heat transfer during welding, soldering, brazing or other heat treatment.

Shailnick Chemicals P Ltd, Ahmedabad

Model ID: C112
Sonya Ceramics (Export Division) offers Porcelain Insulators, C112. Features: basically alkaline alumina silicate; economic insulator; good mechanical strength; good resistance to chemical attack and widely popular.

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